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Master Flooring Technician & Owner - Joe Trujillo
Hello, This is Joe Trujillo, owner of FloorsFixed.com. I have been in the flooring industry since 1983. During those years I have devoted my career to learning as much as possible about the flooring industry, from product knowledge to installation.

I began my career in the flooring industry as a helper and worked along side some of the most experienced installers in the business. They recognized my ambition and determination and took me under their wing. They taught me everything I know about installation. Including tricks of the trade not commonly known and a strong work ethic, which has enabled me to succeed and establish an outstanding reputation in the industry. In addition to my installation experience I have committed myself to learning as much as I could about flooring products, which include carpet, linoleum, laminates, VCT, hardwood, ceramic tile and natural stone.

At FloorsFixed.com our goal is to become a life long provider of solution to your flooring needs. Our commitment to our customers is the key to our success, we realize our satisfied customers will return and can confidently recommend us to their clients, friends and family. Hence our motto: Bringing peace of mind to your flooring needs.

I am confident that given the opportunity to meet your flooring needs, you will also become a life-long valued customer and friend. I look forward to meeting you.

--Joe (720) 261-2166
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